When it comes to Corporate Vision, VAB ventures, being such a highly diversified business house, has one underlying goal: to achieve maximum possible value addition for its stakeholders in whatever sector we venture in. This is being done to various qualitative and quantitative factors including employee satisfaction, shareholder value creation and above all long term ethical and social sustainability.

Leadership with Trust

At VAB, there exist various layers and styles of leadership depending on the highly diversified ventures. VAB believes in multi dimensional leadership styles that are driven by its team, situation and business ventures. In high passion creative ventures, VAB’s role is strictly of a guiding light for the entrepreneurs where they are given the freedom along with the creative flexibility to perform, execute and deliver their vision and goals while at the same time providing them with any kind of management and financial support they might need. While in more conventional ventures, VAB follows highly exhaustive reporting systems where the principals while delegated to take care of day to day operations and are actively a part of the strategic decision making.
However, in all its ventures and operations, VAB always believes in managing its businesses extremely professionally and considers its role to be at a corporate level that mostly involves designing roles, responsibilities, authorities and finding the key professionals from the respective industry to fulfill them giving them all the flexibility and resources needed by them to perform.