Entertainment industry is growing as never before in India with its huge populace and ever increasing influx of media modules and gadgets. The rising rate of investments by the private sector and foreign media and entertainment (M&E) majors have improved India's entertainment infrastructure to a great extent. Producing more than 1,000 films yearly, India is the largest producer of films in the world and there are over 500 Television (TV) channels in the country.

The Indian Media & Entertainment Industry has shown strong growth recovery in 2010 by logging growth of 11% and touching Rs 65,200 crore (USD 14 billion) in revenue and is estimated to achieve a growth rate of 13% in 2011. Overall, Indian Media & Entertainment Industry is set to double to USD 28 bn logging a CAGR of 14% making this one of the very attractive segments to invest in.

VAB ventures acknowledges this opportunity by being a part of the Eduexcel Infotainment Limited as a means of a financial consultant getting itself a chuck on shareholding and in the core management team also facilitating the core corporate operations and strategic partnerships and alliances.

Eduexel Infotainment Limited

Eduexel (formerly TGF Media Ltd) was incorporated in 1990 and has been in the business of film production and distribution since mid-1990s .Led by Mr C Vasan, a renowned personality in the south Indian film markets, the company has been engaged in the business of film production and distributions.

In a bid to step up activities more efficiently, it has recently allied with Moxie Group to produce mainstream and regional films and is evolving methodologies to enter allied businesses in the film and entertainment sector globally by investing in animation and visual effects, postproduction services and TV programming.The group is now working on various avenues on both big screen (motion picture) as well as small screen (television films and series).

For further information, please visit us at : www.moxiegroup.in