Discovery Knowledge Systems Ltd.

Discovery Knowledge Systems (DKS) has been promoted with a vision and scope to provide best quality educational support to its subscribers. The services offered by DKS are multi – domain ranging from primary to higher education, vocational to specific industry-driven, need based programs to corporate training. Our mission is to add value and enhance the current education system by incorporating new methods, culture and value yet still retaining its core essence.

India is the youngest population in the world and second most populous country. Hence the ever-growing Education sector in India has a vast scope for development in both academic and vocational training for the Indian youth. Through this venture with strategic partnerships with the industry leaders we strive to provide the best quality educational support to its subscribers. We are executing this by using various channels, first out of which is “i-tuition”, here we provide online – lecture based interactive virtual classrooms where students from class 10 to 12 (both CBSE and ICSE) are able to get coaching on their curriculum. In addition to this they have full on air support of the industry-leading faculty made available to them by us whenever they need them.

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